Go Native! Chef John Farais from indigenousedibles.com to appear at Guest Chef in Oakland from Oct 9 – 21, 2012.

5 Oct

Have you heard of Guest Chef? Guest Chef is a restaurant in Oakland that invites different chefs to cook there. Guest Chef will be featuring chef John Farais for two weeks from Oct 9 through 21 to introduce his very own native edible food menu.

John Farais is a Marin County chef, lecturer, and cooking instructor with a very unique passion. He is one of the few, if not the only, Bay Area chefs who specialize in the history, taste, and promotion of The Americas’ indigenous edible plants. John uses ingredients that are native to The Americas, both North and South America. Although his cooking incorporates American Indian techniques, it is not necessarily American Indian cuisine, nor is John a Native American. John’s company is aptly called INDIGENOUS EDIBLES.

John taught himself the natural history of California Indians, ethno-botany and native anthropology before concentrating on indigenous ingredients as food and native cookbooks. It is his goal as a chef, to help diners rediscover our proud, ancient, history of native edibles. This approach has developed a cuisine that combines the historical natives with contemporary tastes, discovering a Real “California Cuisine”.

John has lectured for Slow Food, Oakland Museum, SFSU, College of Marin and California native Garden Foundation. 

John has also cooked for Carlo Petrini, the creator of Slow Food International, Actor Peter Coyote, Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, and many private clients in Sonoma, Marin, San Francisco, and San Jose.

John is a board member of the Museum of the American Indian, Slow Food USA, and Chef’s Collaborative. A portion of his proceeds will go to starting a foundation to help Native Americans regain their heritage food ways, through native plant agriculture, and teaching future generations how to grow, cook and eat whole foods.


Guest Chef is located at 5337 College Ave, Oakland, CA
telephone:  (510) 658-7378
website:  www.theguestchef.net

John Farais is online at www.indigenousedibles.com

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